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Traditional Smoked & Grilled BBQ

Cherrywoods uses the American Barbeque method of Indirect Hot Smoking to create a epic flavour profile that will leave a lasting memory for your guests

Vegetarian BBQ Wrap

Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free

Whatever your requirements, our BBQ Catering Menu is not limited to Meat. We offer a range of menu choices for your event and can provide for your dietary requirements.

Locally Sourced & House Made

All of our Menu choices are made from scratch, using our own recipes and almost all of our ingredients is bought local to the area

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Local Sourced Catering - Specialising in Smokehouse BBQ

We do BBQ but not how you may think of it - Using the traditional methods of American Slow Smoked BBQ, which uses the indirect cooking method of Hot Smoking, we have developed our catering menu. You may have heard of slow smoking, or cold smoking. All these methods are similar, and we use a combination of Direct and Indirect cooking methods to add another level of flavour to our menu.

Cherrywoods avidly promotes the use of Wood over Charcoal in BBQ Catering as this is a Natural way to add extra flavour whilst preserving the quality taste of our locally sourced meats and produce. It has the added benefit of being a renewable source of fuel.
We only use Cherrywood or Oak, and 90% of the time we have gone to cut the tree down ourselves!

Our focus and passion at Cherrywoods is for Wood Fired Cooking, we feel nothing creates a memory like the shared experience of Wood Fired Barbeque shared by all of humanity throughout our Human History.

We have taken something that is on our very Primal Nature and crafted a catering experience that you will not forgot.

The services we provide:

- Buffet Catering
- Marquee Service
- Your Venue Catering
- Wedding Buffets & Catering
- Business Catering - Cold & Hot Buffet
- Cold Lunches
- Smoking Services (Are you a butcher or local supplier? We make our own Chefs Ingredients)

We are a local business serving the Camridgeshire Area

My God! The pulled pork is really something special! Many Thanks!
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