Buffet Menu Options

Our Wedding BBQ Buffet is perfect either as the main course, for something more informal, or to have as the evening meal where the celebrations are already in full swing

Smokehouse Breakfast

From the traditional Bacon or Sausage Sandwiches to Smokehouse Omlettes, BBQ Breakfast Bowls – We always use Fire & Wood

BBQ Smokehouse Buffet Menu – We Cater for Cambridgeshire, offering Catering Options for All Occasions


Cherrywoods Smokehouse offers a small and refined menu which we have perfected over time with Passion and a Love for the Craft. At Cherrywoods we believe anything done well becomes an Art.

We have been Slow Smoking for over 4 years now, having spent our first non trading year practicing for 42 out of 52 weekends of the year (2015) – No small feat when you must practice with 5kg pieces of Beef Brisket or Pork Shoulder, but we had no end of willing participants to give us quality feedback. With this feedback we were able to create a menu we are truly proud of, and with the continuing feedback we willingly ask for & receive we have been able to constantly refine and improve what we offer.

Sourcing the meat we useĀ from Johnsons of Old Hurst – A family run Butcher and Farm, where 80% of their meat is reared on site, the other 20% being locally sourced.

The method of Slow Smoking with hardwoods (such as Cherry Wood) relies on a high quality meat, as the taste of the meat and its quality is magnified through Slow Smoking for up to 16 hours.

We also like to know where our produce is coming from & how it has been treated throughout it’s life, animal welfare being something that is close to our hearts.

BBQ has always been synonymous with Meat, but we strive to continually add to our repertoire of Vegan and Vegetarian recipes as we both very much enjoy the exciting new world of flavour and healthy eating that is emerging and expanding, our curiosity on how we can apply Wood Smoking cooking methods to this new way of eating continues to fuel our passion further for excellent eating that we simply want to share and talk about.